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Website for a cargo company

design development together with the agency

layout ontilda

branding agency website

competitor analysis
layout on tilda

layout ontilda

website for business center

design development

website for online store

При нажатии кнопки "отправить" вы соглашаетесь с политикой конфидециальности
indicate your contacts and briefly describe the task
And I will try to accurately determine the cost and development time
/01 Conducting a briefing in the format of an interview
/02 Full immersion in the study of your niche and drawing up the structure of the site
/03 Website prototype development

/04 Design development
/05 Site layout on the tilda platform

The stage is necessary for a complete understanding of the niche and synchronization of the designer with the customer
Analysis of competitor sites, search for the best solutions and building a user path, in order to most likely leave a potential client on your site and lead him to the target action
The prototype is a black and white version of the site, without design elements and images. On it, you can clearly see the location of all pages, site blocks, interface, and where images or videos will be located.
Without templates and taking into account your tasks, a website design is developed, images, videos, colors and other graphic elements are added.
* At this stage, the schedule of work on the site is discussed and approved by both parties.
* At this stage, the exact cost of the site is determined, an agreement is drawn up and an advance payment is made in the amount of 1/3 of the entire cost of the site.

* After agreeing this stage, a second payment is made, in the amount of 1/3 of the cost of the site.
* After the final approval of the site, the rest of the payment is made.
One page website (landing page)
Website up to 10 information blocks. If more blocks are required: +1 additional block - 40$
~10-14 business days

multipage website
Website up to 6 pages, if more pages are required: +1 page - 100$
~14-21 working days

online store
Website up to 6 pages + catalog with filtering, shopping cart, payment system connection
~14-21 working days
work stages
To main
Adding animation, connecting feedback forms, connecting online payment, product catalog, linking links, basic SEO setup for display in search engines, connecting a domain, adding a favicon.
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